Protecting Our Environment

Mike maintains a commitment to conserving the environment that we call home. He was one of the leaders that helped save a natural reserve from becoming a residential area that would without a doubt put our environment at risk. As our representative, Mike will not only protect us but the wildlife that resides alongside us.

Boosting Our Wages

We need jobs that allow us to support our families. Mike is a local job creator that will not rest until we are compensated fairly for our hard work. As a business owner himself, Mike pays entry level employees above minimum wage. Such a simple act is a small step toward wage improvement for us all.

Defending Our Health

Throughout the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has presented, Mike has prioritized our recovery. He is focused on restoring all that has been damaged, including the economy we depend on. He is leading the effort to give our unemployed residents their full benefits so we can feel more secure.